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Items of General Interest

This page contains various pieces of news or articles published on Creer family matters which may be of interest to all:-

  • "Never to Return"  by Hampton Creer (ISBN No 0 952 4019 7 5) is a detailed and graphic account of the 200 Manx prisoners who were deported to the penal colonies, starting from 1698 and ending in 1862. It provides a powerful insight into what life was like in the Isle of Man during this 300 year period.  I do not know whether to be pleased or disappointed, but the none of the crimes recorded in this book were committed by anyone bearing the Creer name!  Hampton Creer is a farmer today living in the Isle of Man, and this book was written as a result of some of the things he discovered in the Manx Museum whilst researching his family tree. One of his ancestors, a Christian Hampton, was among the first group of prisoners to be deported from the Isle of Man to Jamaica in 1698 and was never heard of again.


  • "History of Three Manxmen in the Swan Valley" - is an account by John McAllister Creer of three Manxmen, one of which was a John Creer, who left the IOM at the beginning of the last century and settled in Western Australia. This article was originally published in the IOM Family History Society Journal and is reproduced here.



  • The Affair of John Jabez Creer's Will - I  had an article published in the IOM Family History Society Journal. This account is also given here for those who may not have access to this publication.


If you have any bits of news or information that you think you would be of interest to others then please let me know and I will publish them here.




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