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Creers on the web

The internet has become a very easy and effective way for people around the world to communicate with each other and publish information freely. This page records a number of members of the Creer family, around the world, who have published information about themselves on the web, or have allowed others to do so on their behalf. 

Notable people:

  •   Professor Philip Douglas Creer - in memoriam
  •  Robert Evans Creer - a distinguished amateur artist amongst other things - his paintings have been donated to the Manx Museum by his descendants and are currently on display there. See the following reports - IOM News and BBC. A book has also been published containing a number of prints of these watercolours and this can be purchased online here

Scientists and Medical Practitioners:


  •   Laura Creer - a designer and maker of silver handmade jewellery and lecturer (my daughter!) 
  •  Ann Creer - a poet from British Colombia, Canada
  •  Gareth Creer - a fiction writer in the UK

Creers in commerce:

  •  Creer Property The real estate and auctioneers founded by Joseph Creer in Newcastle NSW in 1872 
  •   Frank Creer - an American venture capitalist and his company
  •  DCA Recruitment - A recruitment company in Guildford Surrey run by a family of Creers  
  •  Creer Contracting - a family firm living and working on the Isle of Man

Inevitably over a period of time some of these links will change. If anyone spots a broken link I would appreciate if they could advise me. Thank you.


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