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About Ballacreer

There are some 600 places on the IOM with 'Balla's as part of their name. Balla is the most common prefix for a place name and derives from Balley (Irish Baile, currently Balley-) 'a homestead'.  See Frances Coakley's excellent website "A Manx Notebook" for a list of Balla- place names in the IOM and their location.

There does not appear to be a Ballacreer anywhere, and so this name has been adopted for this website to provide an electronic venue for Creers around the world to meet together, to investigate and celebrate their Manx heritage and common roots.

The purpose of this website is to act as an electronic clearing-house/network for Creer family members worldwide  to:-

  •  Share information on their own Creer family trees 
  •  Collaborate on their family research
  •  Share experiences and useful hints
  •  Publish useful family research information
  •  Share information on living Creer families around the world 
  •  Submit any interesting news for sharing

Please look around and let me have any helpful comments you might have.  


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