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Manx Cuttings

This page contains links to a selection of pages  in France's Coakley website - "A Manx Notebook" where references are made to various individual Creers. This is a mixture of historical interest and possible family history information. Some photographs from Frances's amassed collection are also shown here.

Some Social Aspects of Castletown in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries  - mentions Quilliam and Creer - masons of Castletown  

The Cowleys of Ardwhallen       part 1,    part 2,    part 3

An extensive family history of a Manx family, into which a number of Creers married

Abbeylands Methodist Sunday School in Onchan - a list of scholars who attended including several Creer children 

Information on Chibbanagh Cottage on the Braaid - where a John Joseph Creer once lived 

A Callister search - an article from the IOMFHS journal reviewing research into the Callister family. A Creer married into this family.

Stories about Crosby village 1868-1916  - some of my Creer relatives lived here and nearby.

An account of the village of Union Mills in the 19th Century - some of my Creer relatives lived here and nearby.

The Manx poet T.E.Brown wrote a number of poems ( Collected Works) and two of these contain references to Creers: 

Finally, another reference to the use of the Manx word "creer" meaning a sieve!

Finally, look at some of the photos in the Creer family history album

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