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Welcome to Ballacreer 

This website has been developed to provide an online resource for Creer genealogy researchers and anyone else with a direct or indirect interest in the name Creer. There are a number of researchers around the world currently working on their Creer family trees and who may be in a position to help each other in sharing information resources with each other and identifying possible overlaps in their family trees. Equally this becomes a way of locating new or perhaps lost relatives, and establishing contact with them.

Please feel free to browse through the site. If you have any news you wish to share with other members of the larger Creer family then please contact me

If you are new to family history research and  just starting to research your own family history and there is a connection with the Creers from the Isle of Man - then do please feel free to contact me to see if I can help you from the research I have already done.

I have developed, researched or have received from other researchers, a large number of Creer family trees (more than 70). However it is too difficult and time-consuming to maintain these regularly and post them on this site, apart from any possible concerns individuals have regarding identity theft. Suffice it to say that I am confident that I have in my files some (more or less) details of every Creer family group that lived since the earliest Manx records from 1511. I am only to willing to share with any Creer researcher any information I hold on their family line.

Respecting concerns regarding identity theft, my policy is not to share details of any living individuals within a Creer family tree with anyone who is not an close member of that family. 

Latest News


  • At last - I have completed my book recording the research I have done on the Creer family from the Isle of Man, carried out over the last 10 years. This book - "A Family of Mannin" is available to purchase online, for delivery worldwide, here. I hope that those of you who might choose to buy this book will enjoy it and find it interesting. The price is 22 (ca US$33) plus postage from the USA, where the book is printed on demand. The book is being sold at a price very close to cost price - as I do not intend to make any profit out of it. My purpose is to share our family history with those who are interested. Thank you for your interest!


    Click on the above to buy. 

  • The Creer Surname Y-DNA study is now complete and has produced outstandingly clear results. So much so that the work is acknowledged as the only Y-DNA study to possibly have reached a clear endpoint so far (out of more than  5000 such projects currently running worldwide). The results are explained here.  This indicates a likely Celtic origin for the Creer family.


  •  "Gold Dust and Calm" - A new book containing many of the watercolours of Robert Evans Creer is now on sale and can be purchased here.  An exhibition of some of his paintings of the Isle of Man are currently on display at the Manx Museum in Douglas, until December 2008. More details of Robert Evans Creer can be found here.


  •  This website has currently been updated and substantially revised.


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